How To Track Your Amazon Keyword Rankings in Google Sheets

Using Synchronize, you can easily track your Amazon keyword rankings over time in Google Sheets.

First, set up your products and keywords in Keyworx, our Amazon keyword tracker of choice. Then connect Keyworx as an integration in your Synchronize dashboard. We’ll start pulling all of your Amazon keyword ranking data so you can access it directly in Google Sheets.

Want to get yesterday’s ranking for your product GARLICPRESS123 in the Amazon search results for “garlic press”? Just use this function:

=KEYWORX_RANK(garlicpress123,"garlic press")

Use this function to monitor the impact of:

  • Pricing Adjustments
  • PPC
  • Seasonality
  • New Competitors

on your products’ organic rankings.

Ditch the manual keyword tracking, start using our custom functions to track your Amazon keywords in Google Sheets.

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