Sync Google Search Keyword Rankings to Google Sheets

If you’re focused on building organic traffic to your website through SEO, one search engine is king: Google.

Business legend Peter Drucker is famous for saying “what gets measured, gets managed” and this concept is critical for improving your Google search rankings.

There’s no better way to measure your Google SEO efforts than using Synchronize with Google Sheets.

Want to get an always updating data point for how high any page on your domain ranks for the keyword “garlic press”? Easy:

=GOOGLESERP_RANK("garlic press","")

Need something more granular to build out reports over time? No problem, you can track a specific page on your site and pull the SERP ranking from a specific date.

=GOOGLESERP_RANK("garlic press","","2022-06-01")

Use our Google Search Keyword Ranking integration to create the ultimate dashboards to monitor and improve your SEO campaigns.

Start syncing your Google keyword ranking data to Google Sheets today.

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