Content at Scale Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

Are you struggling to create high-quality content that ranks well in search engines? Do you find that traditional writing tools and freelance writers just can’t seem to get the job done? If so, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: Content At Scale. This long-form AI writer has helped countless bloggers and content marketers create high-quality, SEO-friendly content that ranks well in search engines. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of this powerful content automation platform, and show you how you can use it to take your content creation to the next level.

What Is Content At Scale?

Content at Scale is an AI-powered writing tool that enables you to create complete blog posts by providing a keyword and content brief. It is a new approach to generating AI-generated content and publishing long-form content on your website or blog.

The tool creates natural language text and SEO-optimized content that requires minimal editing. You can easily copy and paste the output to your preferred content optimization tool and further edit your blog content. It is an AIO (All-In-One) writer, which means it uses semantic analysis algorithms and other AI engines to produce content that AI detection tools won’t flag.

Content at Scale has a clean and simple user interface that makes it easy to use. You can import your post into WordPress Website and bulk-create articles using a CSV file with your target keywords. It offers different pricing plans to fit all needs.

However, most of the content generated by Content at Scale needs more substantial editing, and it can repeat sentences at times. Also, it is expensive for those on a blogging budget. Currently, it does not have Surfer SEO integration, but it may have it in the future.

In summary, Content at Scale is a useful tool for content marketers and writers who want to create blog posts that rank in just a few minutes. It is a reliable AI writing tool that produces natural language text and SEO-optimized content.

Who Is Content At Scale Made For?

Affiliate SEOs

If you are an affiliate SEO running a content site, then Content at Scale is perfect for you. This AI tool can help you publish large amounts of content quickly and efficiently. With its ability to generate hundreds of articles in the same amount of time it takes traditional copywriters to create just one or two, you can stay ahead of your competition. Additionally, its keyword-rich content is helpful for affiliate SEOs trying to optimize their site for search engines.

Freelance Writers

If you are a freelance writer struggling with slow SEO content production, Content at Scale can help. This AI SEO tool for content creation can help you produce more content faster and stay ahead of client deadlines. Also, the SEO optimization features will ensure your articles are search engine friendly and have a better ranking on SERPs.


Creating high-quality content at scale can be difficult, but using Content at Scale with human writers can be the perfect combination for agencies. Your clients won’t be able to tell the difference because the content output is just that good. This tool can help you generate large amounts of high-quality content in a short amount of time.

Media Sites

Media sites looking to give their own writers a boost in content production should consider using Content at Scale. With its ability to complete monthly posts using proprietary machine-learning models and human input, you can rest assured that the content will be high quality. This AI tool can help you generate high-quality content at scale and keep up with the demand for fresh content.

How Does ContentAtScale Work?

Content at Scale works by plugging in your primary keyword and scanning the top-ranking pages for each keyword you input. It then uses machine learning to develop new ideas and topics related to your primary keywords but also original ones. Once that process is completed, you get an SEO-optimized blog post with the desired word count. You can even change up the content brief checklist to fit your preferred blog post outline.

Other AI writing software can produce natural language text with the prompts you feed it, but Content At Scale will do 90% of the work for you. When you sign up with Content at Scale, you can start generating content quickly without a steep learning curve.

Content At Scale Features

Content Structure

Content at scale provides an easy-to-use publishing platform that allows you to create long-form content. With their post content structure, you can set up a long-tail keyword for the article and include additional context and word count to get the highest quality AI output from content at scale. You can also edit and rearrange the brief to add a layer of personalization to the post, such as sections, titles, and more, to help create a unique article for your readers. Once the post is ready to be optimized, you can include up to 10 unique headers and one more header to make the article a bit longer. The content editor is where you will get back the AI-written content, and where you need to provide a human edit to create content that stands out for your readers.

The document editor and content automation platform will guide you in creating amazing content that you or your writers will love. You can see the following in the content editor:

  • A Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Featured image
  • Related keywords to include in the post
  • Content brief and plagiarism checker
  • Document formatting

AI Content Detection Tool

Content at scale provides an AI content detector that can easily identify AI-generated text. This helps you or your content marketer ensure your content is unique and not plagiarized. You’ll get a score telling you how much is human-written and AI-generated. This tool is completely free to use and works just as well as any paid AI content detection software. Suppose you already create SEO content with Content at Scale. In that case, you will likely pass AI detection because their multiple AI engines scan your content for keywords, natural language processing, and plagiarism.

Projects Page

The project settings and page allow you to format how you want your content at scale output to be. This means you can include your target audience and primary keywords for your niche. Then, content at scale will use that information to draft a CTA for your intros and outros that include an internal link to your home page. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can do for the project page:

  • Add Google schema FAQs
  • Generate key takeaways
  • Add a table of contents
  • Have a default word count
  • A Click to tweet feature
  • Call to action templates
  • Your website URL

With that, your content marketing efforts will be made easy by correctly setting up the project settings.

WordPress Integration

Content at scale includes a WordPress integration, which is great for those creating a lot of content for their blog. With this WP integration, you can set certain settings that automatically schedule or publish your blog post with a simple click.

Content At Scale Pricing

Content At Scale offers a pricing model that may seem expensive at first glance, but it is designed to be a cost-effective solution for generating high-quality blog posts.

The pricing plans are tiered based on the number of posts you require, with the Starter plan costing $500 per month for 20 posts, the Scaling plan costing $1,000 per month for 50 posts, and the Agency plan costing $1,500 per month for 100 posts. Each plan includes NLP analysis and Copyscape integration, ensuring that your content is both optimized for search engines and unique.

With the Starter plan, you are effectively paying $20 per post, making it a great value for SEO-optimized content.

How To Use Content At Scale

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be directed to create your first project, where you’ll include your website URL and niche keywords for the AI to focus on.

Generating blog posts with just one click is easy with content at scale. The AI will do all the hard work for you, and you’ll have the option to update the blog post outline before the AI goes to work.

If you want to create over 100 blog posts or more, you can create a CSV file of your keywords and directly import them into content at scale. Depending on your monthly credits, you can use more than one keyword.

Once content at scale has completed its optimization, you can further edit the generated blog posts, which will require minimal editing.

Using content at scale is an efficient way to generate a large amount of high-quality content quickly. With just a few clicks, you can create blog posts that are optimized for your website and niche keywords.

Content At Scale Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to Content at Scale, here are some other AI writing software options that you might find interesting.


AutoBlogging.Ai is similar to Content at Scale in that you can input target and related keywords to generate long-form articles. The software offers a variety of features at an affordable price point.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a market leader in AI writing and is used by many content marketers for their content creation needs. With a range of AI templates available, Jasper can help you produce blog posts quickly without sacrificing quality.


Scalenut is a top AI tool for bloggers, featuring a blog post template capable of generating up to 2,000 words. When provided with the correct briefs, Scalenut produces high-quality, error-free blog posts. Additionally, the software includes keyword analysis and optimization features to help you target your desired phrases with ease.


Is Content At Scale Reliable?

Content at Scale is a reliable AI writing tool that produces high-quality output. The tool is constantly updated by its founder, Justin, to ensure customer satisfaction. If you’re struggling to write content, this tool can help you get started and save you time.

What Types of Blog Posts Should You Create Using Content At Scale?

It is recommended to create long-tail information blog posts using Content At Scale. This type of post produces the best output and is easier for the tool to crawl.

How Does Content At Scale Compare to Other AI Writing Tools?

Compared to other AI writing tools, Content At Scale stands out with its high accuracy and quality output. The tool can create 90% of your blog post in minutes, making it a great time-saver. If you’re looking for an AI writer that can produce top-notch content, Content At Scale is the tool for you.

Final Thoughts

Content At Scale is undoubtedly one of the best content writing tools available today. Its ability to generate output quickly and accurately, combined with its user-friendly features, makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to create high-quality blog posts. By trying out Content At Scale, you can experience the power of becoming an AI writer and take your content creation to the next level. So why wait? Sign up today and start creating amazing content effortlessly!